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Gunnar Optiks lenses, with what the company dubbed iAMP technology, are said to reduce eye strain when the user is staring at the cold glare of a computer screen.Wide format lenses create an unobstructed panoramic field of view.Plastic frames can be strong, lightweight, and come in a variety of colors.

GUNNAR has found a way to increase the BPF to 35 using their new Liquet Lens technology while keeping the lenses mostly clear and colorless.

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GUNNAR Optiks is a company founded in 2007, specializing in treated eyewear marketed as safety glasses that protect eyes from computer vision syndrome.GUNNAR offers two lens finishes, each optimized for different screen viewing settings.GUNNAR lenses are precision formulated to block harsh blue light, minimize glare, reduce eye strain, and improve your health and sleep.

Gunnar glasses made an appearance on Shark Tank drawing attention to their glasses that block blue light and help with eye strain.She thought that ensuring that your lenses perfectly match your prescription is the best way to fight eyestrain, and if done properly, your issue should go away. permalink embed.Our custom and complete solution addresses and alleviates all common issues associated with digital eye strain, effects of artificial blue light, visual stress and fatigue.Computer glasses, like Gunnar, have lenses that increase the magnification and reduce glare, so staring at a computer is less strenuous on your eyes.

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It is our commitment to material selection, quality and customer service which has helped us to flourish in this highly competitive market for decades.Reading area optimization: A common issue that people face with any kind of progressive lenses (whether they are everyday or computer glasses) is a narrow reading area.Gunnar Prescription Sunglasses for Digital Devices While Gunnar RX Sunglasses are meant for using with digital devices like computers and smartphones, they are styled to be worn anywhere.The other day I was sitting at my desk, pouring over some code.Our family owned and operated optometric lab has excelled in the industry since 1982.First, according to the company, the lenses focus specifically on the distance at which most people view their computer screens. Second.GUNNAR lenses will provide 40 lines of resolution when measured on standard tests.

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Seven years ago I received a pair of GUNNAR glasses as a gift.

Feature: Engineering grade nylon frame polymers provide long-term durability.

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Gunnar says its lenses are specially shaped and treated to increase the humidity around the eye to compensate for lowered blink rates. Dr. Melissa Shear O.D. said Dr.

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GUNNAR is a privately held company headquartered in Carlsbad, California.


By designing our lenses to shift the color spectrum for visual efficiency, the GUNNAR amber lens takes artificial light and precisely tunes it to the physiology of the eye.Gammers, programers, tech junkies, and even just facebook junkies.Gunnar is advertised as reducing digital eye strain, improving comfort and.Being that Gahanna Vision Center is the only independent provider for Gunnar Optiks in Columbus we have a wide patient demographic using them.The lenses are designed to protect your eyes from dry air which causes, you guessed it, dry eyes.Lenses get dirty easily and are hard to clean Generic build quality, the lenses have popped out a couple times and a hinge screw had to be reinstalled Limited eye coverage.

I like the Gamma Rays, but I switched back to my Gunnars eventually.

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GUNNAR lenses have enhanced focusing power and proprietary tints, providing you with sharper, clearer vision all while helping you focus more naturally and blocking blue light.Dear Lifehacker, My eyes often feel tired after staring at the computer all day.With harsh blue light reduced, sensitive parts of the eye are engaged, increasing perceived contrast.When used in GUNNAR frames that wrap closely to the face, eyes are protected from drying air currents.

Experience a boost in your visual efficiency with agency-approved eyewear that features wide format lenses, rigid lens mounting, multi-barrel hinges and a retro-futuristic fusion style that will make you the envy of your friends.

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